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yay finally!


Hey, I tried to install the game today on Linux with the itch app but it doesn’t work.

Linux Ubuntu 22.04 - installing on itch app doesn’t work

I thought it was due to the AppImage being not chmod to be executable (which is also true), but in this case it’s not Launch that fails but Install (it creates a folder petal-crash-online but that stays empty; trying to Install repeatedly just creates folders suffixed with 1, 2, 3, etc.), so it must be something else.

Petal (Online)


Any chance of Online hitting Mac?

I purchased Petal Crash but haven't got the steam key as advertised on the game page. Could you check and issue the key to me?

Petal Crash

Ran into a problem when I updated - feels like it might be the itch client's fault but who knows - it kept kicking me out saying I needed to update still. In the folder, instead of installing the new build to the existing install folder ("/petal-crash-online/"), it installed to a subfolder within that folder called "/Petal Crash Online/". Renaming the install folder before updating might prevent the issue, or it might break things further, I don't know. But copying from the new folder to the actual install folder fixes the issue, in case anyone else also had this happen.


Sorry about that! We changed how the archive is packaged between the first build and the second - deleting everything and redownloading it should fix the issue. Your preferences are saved in your /Appdata/ folder, so you won't lose any of your presets either!


Lobbies and rollback netcode? Good stuffs! :D