Petal Crash Update v1.0.8!

UPDATE v1.0.8

- The "restart" option should no longer disappear from the pause menu when going into Options and back from Solo Play
- The correct option should be highlighted when returning to the main pause menu from Options
- Touch controls now disabled on OSX; should solve the touchpad being registered as a touch player
- A bug where block spawners would start out advanced by one step if a puzzle was reset mid-chain has been fixed

- Selecting the "reset" button in Puzzle Mode now requires an extra directional tap if the button was held
- Analog control thresholds have been adjusted, should feel less slippery
- When using "quick swipe" or "aim & release" push styles on gamepad or keyboard, the cursor will not move while the push button is held down over a block

- A missing ellipsis in Daize's story has been fixed
- Strelitz's type changed from "Tiefling" to "Fiendkin" to avoid potential copyright issues

- Ore Kid: play speed increased and move randomness reduced
- Strelitz: move randomness reduced slightly
- Penny & Deony: move randomness in Penny Mode reduced slightly
- [SECRET] (Lilibri story): play speed increased slightly
- [SECRET] (Other story): play speed reduced slightly

Files 30 MB
Oct 22, 2020
PetalCrash-Mac-v1.0.8.gz 21 MB
Oct 22, 2020
PetalCrash-Lin-v1.0.8.tar 23 MB
Oct 22, 2020

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