Petal Crash v1.1 Available Now!

Petal Crash v1.1 is now live on PC!

Starting today, there's tons more to enjoy in Petal Crash! No matter what kind of puzzle fan you are, there's lots more to do!

New Characters

  • Penny & Deony Individually: Pick a twin for a sibling showdown!
  • Nova the Squirrel: A special retro homebrew guest star!
  • Milla Basset: Everyone's favorite hover-hound from Freedom Planet!

New Game Modes

  • Chain Trial: Arrange the biggest chains you can out of pre-set boards!
  • Trash Trial: Hold out as long as you can under an onslaught of garbage!
  • 2P Co-Op: Score as high as you can with a friend, but watch out for accidental attacks!

More Puzzles

  • 70 more puzzles in Puzzle Mode, made by the community!

Greater Challenges

  • AI difficulty levels up to 15!
  • Unlockable Grand Master story difficulty!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Save your custom block selection!
  • More that I can't remember

This is the biggest update in Petal Crash history! This update is only available on PC for the moment, but will be pushed to consoles over the coming weeks. Of course, there's more in store for Petal Crash in the future - stay tuned for the open beta release of Petal Crash Online, coming this month!

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I purchased Petal Crash but haven't got the steam key as advertised on the game page. Could you check and issue the key to me?

How strange, we have plenty of Steam keys left! You need to manually claim the Steam download key - does it give you an error when you try to?

I wasn't presented with that button on the download page. I don't know why but sometimes have problem with this where the button would be missing. I've attached a screenshot of my download page. Could you email the key to me?